A Exquisite Island in the Philippines: Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island is a twenty-four hectare tiny but fascinating island on the south-west of Cebu Island in the Philippines. The reason for Philippines's not known much by travelers, is that it needs zooming to be seen well on the map due to its small size. The island is ideal for those  who want to relax and have romantic holiday. We loved here a lot. 

Sumilon Island is surrounded by coral reefs where has no settlement on it and offers exceptional diving opportunities. There is also an old sea lantern and a walking route which you can watch the spectacular scenery on the island.

On the island, which can be wandered in about two-three hours on foot, Sumilon Bluewater Resort is the only resort. It offers a limited number of deluxe rooms, honeymoon and family villa accommodation and tent services. Guests arriving at Sumilon Island from boat station of resort which located on Mainland, are being welcomed by the hotel's staff at the pier.

sumilon island

On the area, where a small library and a reception area where reading corner decorated stylishly is located, there is a restaurant overlooking the sea offering morning, afternoon and evening buffet meals.

The deluxe rooms where built as single storey small summer houses and you can see the sea view in when you open the door, have been furnished in a very simple and spacious style. The rooms have large bathrooms, tables, armchairs and televisions. On far away from crowds, Sumilon Bluewater Resorts gives you the feeling that the whole island belongs to you because of you share the island with only a few other visiors.

sumilon island

Sumilon Bluewater Resorts has an unforgettable feature when it comes to resort: A luxury camping experience called Glamping! The luxury camping experience is a rising trend for those looking for a comfortable accommodation experience both indoors and outdoors. 

The campground is on the behind shores where there are reefs offering excellent diving opportunities in front of, established on the edge of an emerald green lagoon surrounded by lush mangrove trees typical of the Philippines.

The tents have the lux which can overturn the conventional camp and tent conception. Four different tents which there are double bed, night lamp, table, chair even mini bar inside, offers the potentialities of both resort facilities and sleeping in the lap of nature with sound of waves. There is a small building where a shower and a bath on, next to the tent area.

sumilon island

Accommodation prices in glamping tents are 10.000 pesos (200 $) during the week and 12.000 pesos  (242 $) on weekends. Fee for accommodation in two rooms with a verandah overlooking the ocean, built in the shape of a villa, owing its decent appearance to the simple decoration, start from 15,000 pesos (300 $) during the week and 17,000 pesos (340 $) on the weekends.

The beach on the eastern part of the island is more turbulent, but swimming in the clear waters on the Sandbar located on the northwest part is a great feeling. The hotel also has an excellent infinity pool with a sea view from the high point of the island's restaurant. 

sumilon island

The whale shark dive spot located the city of Oslob on the Cebu mainland is very close to Sumilon Island. By a 15-minute boat transfer from the island and following a ten-minute road trip, it is can be done dive and snorkel. 

How to Get to Sumilon Island?

The hotel which provide buses from Cebu or boats from Dumaguete Ferry Pier on Panglao Island in Boholta, access to Sumilon Island by special boots from the mainland where their own boat stop is located.

sumilon island

To me, Sumilon Bluewater Resorts is a great choice, because it is close to the whale shark dive spot which is one of the most special activities of the Philippines. Sumilon Bluewater Resorts, which can be visited for both accommodation options, and the infinity pool and both the sandbar, will be an unforgettable adventure for both those who love activity and couples who come for a romantic holiday or honeymoon.

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