How to Get to El Nido?

One of the most popular travel routes in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, not only with its islands, beaches and friendly people,
, is country that also stands out with its magnificent nature. One of the toughest decisions when traveling to the Philippines, which is in my favorite 10 countries, which offers beautiful travel options with its 7017 Island, is "which islands should be visited?" My recommendation is the El Nido town located on the far side of Palawan Island.

Bacuit Bay, which has the islands that the nature scattere in the bay like emerald gemstone, was one of my favorite places on my Philippines trip. So I went to El Nido 2 times with 4 years break to see this beauty. The white sands, which are like arcs situating in crystal clearness, black but very sharp limestone rocks surrounding it and the blue sky above your head.

Transportation to El Nido can be achieved in different ways. The first and most budget-friendly option is to fly from Manila which is the capital of the Philippines, to Puerto Princesa which is Palawan Island's capital city and from there to reach El Nido by land.

Puerto Princesa to El Nido is reached by bus in about 6 hours and the fee is 550-600 pesos. Even though it seems like a long journey, the vehicles being air conditioned and being passed from roads which have lush sceneries, make the journey easier. Local municipal buses also go for very little more economical price but i do not recommend. Agree with the tourist shuttle services that meet you at the airport.

Direct flights to El Nido from Manila have also begun. Because of a single air car named Air Swift makes these flights, prices of the route whose flight time is around 1 hour, is are quite high. One-way flight varies by season and prices vary between 5700-7300 pesos in one-way. Reservations can be made directly through Air Swift or El Nido Boutique Art Café, one of El Nido's most reliable tour operators.

When I first went to El Nido, electricity was being given in limited hours. When i went last, electricity was being supplied for 24 hours. But I saw that the price of everything was getting higher and the number of tourists was getting bigger. So, get it to your route. While you are going, take along enough Philippines pesos that can cover all your costs.

The dollar can be exchanged through exchange offices, but I still say don't stay penniless. There is only 1 ATM in the town and it is mostly out of service. 

If you will pass to El Nido from Puerto Princesa, keep in mind that you will be on the road for 5-6 hours. If you will join the boat trips, make reservations  by emailing El Nido Boutique Art Cafe to not lose day. If you are going to join in all boat tours for El Nido trip and if  and if you will also visit the coastal town for one day, it takes 3-4 days. If only A and C tours are to be done, minimum 2-3 days must be allowed.

After El Nido you can turn your route to Coron, Sabang or Puerto Princesa. Firstly walk to the bus terminal which is 10 minutes away by foot, or agree with tricycles (30-50 pesos). 

There are two companies, Cherry and RoRo, which provide transportation from El Nido to Puerto Princesa. Both pass through Taytay and Roxas which are on the road. Cherry without air conditioning is 380 pesos and air conditioned is 480 pesos. Most of the locals prefer Cherry. Service is provided every 2 hours from 04:00 until 10:00 in the morning. You can not get your ticket from any agency in town beforehand.

The shuttle services from the El Nido bus terminal provide transportation to Puerto Princesa in 5 hours (500 pesos). You can get your ticket from any agency in town beforehand. They serve from 5 am to 8:30 pm but there may be agencies which serve earlier and later. The roads are better compared to my first going. The road coming from El Nido is a bit bad along 30 km. After that is good. 

El Nido is a route that generously presents the beauties of nature and that is breathtaking with its shades of green and blue tones. Despite the long journey, with its the untouched beaches and the magnificent preserved islands and the green nature deserves the title of one of the best destinations. It is a place that should be seen by those who go to the Philippines. It's a out and out reason to go to the Philippines 

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