The 8th Wonder of The World: 2000 Year Old Batad Rice Terraces

The Luzon Island, where Manila which is the capital of Philippines, is also located on it, hosts the rice fields, which are considered the "eighth wonder of the world" for the Filipinos. These areas which is begun to be processed by the Ifugao tribe, in the Banaue area 2000 years ago, is also on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage list.

The Spaniards, who used the country as a colony for 333 years, described these rice fields as stairs moving up the heaven. Banaue's thousands of years of rice fields are a source of pride for the Filipinos.

Batad, located in east of Banaue, is also a places on UNESCO World Heritage site. Batad ricefields, famous as much as, rice fields in Banaue Village, rise like an amphitheater. 2000 years ago, the Ifugao tribe built these places with their hand labor. Since then, rice production has continued with the traditional methods of farming, which are transmitted from generation to generation.

Batad Rice Terraces

With the change of climates, severe rains and increasing erosion in recent years, the Ifugao majestic amphitheater race terraces are faced with the danger of being destroyed.  With volunteer programs that tourists participate, stone walls is built between the rice fields, trying to reduce the destruction effect of the floods.

Accepted as the best preserved Spanish colony in Asia, the Philippines is a country where many different cultures live. The residents of Banaue, Batad, Sagada and Vigan are still living in traditional houses built hundreds of years ago.

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