Langkawi Islands: 99 Paradise Islands

The Langkawi islands, where the Andaman sea meets the Melaka Strait, is located at the top of paradise places where the exquisite beauty of Malaysia can be discovered. The islands located at the northwestern tip of the Malaysian peninsula, 30km from the mainland, is depends on Malaysia's Kedah state.

Langkawi Island is the largest island of the island community. The number of islands or islets that make up the Langkawi Islands according to sea level varies between 99 and 104. There are settlements in only Pulau Langkawi and Pulau Tuba. Pulau means island in Malay language. 

Since 1999 when the Islands began being introduced by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism as a tourist destination, the islands is located among Malaysia's # 1 and world famous holiday destinations. The island where the possibility of Duty Free Zone, that is, tax-free shopping has been brought since 1987, at the same time is a complete shopping paradise. 

With its international airport, excellent roads, modern marinas, exquisite beaches and exceptional nature, Langkawi, is among the best holiday resorts in the world. Besides the integral trio of the holiday sea-sand-sun, it also outshines with its extraordinary beaches, beautiful nature, hotels appropriate every budget, numerous opportunities for entertainment and activities. With its unspoiled white sandy beaches and serene seaside, warm and inviting climate throughout the year, dozens of paradise islands, it meet the expectations of all kinds of holiday pleasures.

The island is important not only for its cultural richness but also for its archaeological, ecological and scientific value. In 2010, Langkawi entered the list of UNESCO Geoparks (UNESCO Geoparks). Kilim Karst Geoforest Park where rugged karstic limestone formations spreaded, and the 400-million-year-old Machinchang Mountain, constitute the important geological reserves of the island. 

The island hosted the drama of an English teacher with the King of Thailand Mongkut, Anna and the King movie which is a 1999 Hollywood production, Jodie Foster and Yun-Fat Chow played. The film was filmed in Langkawi instead of Thailand because of the Thai people who were not happy about filming their country's king's life. 

Kuah, the capital of Malaysia  Langkawi Island,is located on the southeastern corner of the island and is also the arrival point of incomings by ferry to the island. Koah is a place where unfortunately visitors to this famous island cannot find what glamorous beaches or charming natural beauties. The real beauties had been sprinkled to other parts of the island. Koah is a good choice for duty-free shopping but isn't a place where holidaymakers want to stay. 

Those arriving on the ferry are greeted by a 12-meter-high eagle sculpture rising on Eagle Square. Langkawi means red eagle in Bahasa Malaysia language.

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