The Famous Safari Park of Namibia: Etosha National Park, Namibia

Etosha National Park is one of Africa's best and most important wildlife reserves. The park on the north of Namibia which means "Great White Place",is wild and dangerous at the same time very beautiful. According to local legend about the formation of the Etosha Salt, a tribe is invaded and everyone is murdered except women. One of the women is upset for the death of her family and she cries until her tears create a lake. After all the water get dry, only the salts of her tears remain.

Etosha National Park has been protected as a national park since 1907. The park occuping a huge area of 22,270 km², is home to 114 mammals, 340 birds, 110 reptiles, 16 amphibian animals that can live both on land and in the sea, and interestingly, it hosts 1 species of fish.

Etosha National Park is also known by different names such as "Mirages Region", "Dry Water Region" or "Giant White Place". The park has the endless silver-white color of the salts, the silver-colored sands and the lush bushes surrounding it.

Etosha was once the world's largest reserve with its 100,000 km² in size, but due to the political pressure of the 1960s, it had to retreat to its present size. Etosha National Park is thought to be a lake 100 million years ago. When the tectonic movements changed the course of the Kanune River, the lake get dry and this great pile of salt appeared.

Etosha which has one of the most impressive views of Africa, with the arrival of large animals in the dry season, reveals the most magnificent images you can see in an African safari. Puddles on the southern slopes of Etosha, gather the rich live life around itself in the dry season. The best thing to do is to take your car to one of these puddles and watch the animals here.  Mainly, elephants, giraffes, antelopes, African antelope, gazelle, springbok, impala, steenbok and zebra are on among the most common herbivores. 

The animal you will mostly encounter among them is springbok. Even sometimes you can see thousands of them in the form of flocks. If you're lucky, maybe you can encounter the incredibly bounce by rebounding ability of the antelopes. Sometimes they show these talents for fun and sometimes to be protected from the predators. They usually try to use these abilities to show how agile and fast they can be before the hunter gets attacked; Those who are not doing it well are becoming the first target of predators.

Etosha National Park Visiting Informations

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