Tropical Island of the Red Sea: Giftun Island

Giftun Islands are located in the protected Giftun Island National Park which is near Hurghada, one of the world famous tourist destinations of Egypt.

Hurgada is one of Egypt's famous attractions. Its closeness to Luxor and Aswan revealing Egypt's magnificent history; The beach that it offers throughout almost year, sea, sun trio; snorkeling or scuba diving are just a few of the reasons bringing forward Hurgada.

Undoubtedly, It is needed to add the unique beauty of the Red Sea to this. I was fascinated when I first met the Red Sea 10 years ago. I was charmed again when I saw the Island of Giftun 45 minutes away by boat from Hurghada.

giftun island

These small islands, rising within the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, are also known as the Paradise Islands. In Arabic, the largest one is called Giftun Kebir and the smaller one is called Giftun Sughayer. The boats departing from Hurghada Marina arrive here in 45 minutes.

Firstly, the island appearing from boat disappoints those who traveled a lot tropical islands like me, with its view from afar. There is not even a single tree on the island. At the peak of the island, a giant palm tree with a height of maybe 50 meters is rising.

Of course, this error does not last long. After the boat anchors and the beauty of sands and sea are discovered more closely, it is understood why the island is popular. A windless atmosphere, a calm and clear sea, deck chairs made of reeds and an immaculately regular beach are enough to seduce person.

giftun island

There are 2 public beaches which one of them is open to public, other one is special, on the Big Giftun Island which is from Giftun Islands.

Mahmya Beach, located on the Big Giftun Island, is also the place that makes this place so famous. The beach runing along the calm waters of the Red Sea in the turquoise color, 2 km long, has very thin white sands. Mahmya means preserved in Arabic. This place is part of Giftun Island National Park, which is under protection.

Everything is considered for a good beach pleasure in special beach Mahmya. There are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas that is enough for everyone. There are also plenty of resting lounges that the island can be watched  in several different angle. Also it is ideal for taking pictures. It has immaculate modern toilet, spacious restaurant for food. Lunch is served as open buffet, delicious and varied. Drinks doesn't include price.

giftun island

There is no sunbeds and umbrellas on the public beach. No service isn't provided and it was quite crowded. The boats making snorkeling tours take a break here for a while. 

giftun island

Ticket price includes lunch, transfer and snorkel equipment. A paradise for snorkeling. I rested for a while in the island, joined the snorkel tour after sunbathing, free of charge. It is gone to a coral reef with a big boat. 

That's when, it is reunderstood why this island is so famous. There is a rich and colorful sea life among the huge coral reefs. Assorted angel fish, emperor fish, stingrays and more… It was returned to the island after an hour of snorkeling. 

giftun island

Giftun Island near Hurghada is a impressive place. Including transfer snorkel equipment from the hotel, lunch and coral reef tour, the ticket price is 50 €. Although the January and February months are a bit chilly, you can still snorkel. From March to November is the best time. Due to humidity in Hurghada is around 50%, so there is no sweltering warmth.

Giftun Island and Maymya Beach are a paradise which holidaymakers who enjoy sea and beach, can swim in clear water, colorful fish, snorkel and relax.

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